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The winners of the 2012 Kellogg Innovation Network Prize: Fresh Takes Kitchen. Second place: NuMat Technologies. Third place: m-Power Health. Fourth: Mimas Nanomaterials.

All four final teams were composed of tremendous people. We had the honor of meeting  members of each team and distilling their concepts in this video for KIN GLOBAL 2012.

The winning concept: Healthy, affordable, delicious meals at a price point on par with fast food, designed for underserved communities, provided as a subscription service through community organizations who are already serving these markets, but do not have the wherewithal to provide viable options.

Fresh Takes Kitchens, conceived by Saloni Doshi and Chelsea Katz, Kellogg MBA graduates-to-be, is a practical, for-profit solution that addresses a monumental problem, one that is a colossal drain on resources and a multi-generational hindrance to prosperity.

They seek eventually to establish affordable, but for-profit, oases in food deserts across the country. It was an an all-around pleasure to meet them, as well as the other KIN Prize finalists.

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